Tim Hall

Tim Hall is an Occupational Therapist who has worked extensively in the Industrial Rehabilitation area. Tim has developed procedures for conducting Functional Capacity Evaluations, Work Capacity Evaluations, Work Site Analyses, and Functional Abilities Recruitment Evaluations, and he has provided instruction on these topics to other professionals.
Tim has developed Work Conditioning Programs for clients utilizing functional exercise.
He has completed over 1500 Functional Capacity Evaluations, over 6000 Functional Abilities Recruitment Evaluations and over 450 Work Site Analyses.
Prior to training as an O.T at the University of Alberta in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine,
Tim worked as a Licensed Heavy Duty Mechanic, as a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, and in variety of construction related jobs.
Tim has qualified on 15 occasions to provide Expert Witness testimony in the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench.