Pre-Placement Screening - Benefits

This process ensures that newly hired or placed employees can perform the critical Bona Fide Occupational Requirements of the job safely.

Statistics collected to date indicate that from 8% to 14% of potential new hires lack the strength and/or endurance to safely complete the Bona Fide Occupational Requirements, depending on the specific occupation. Workers having inadequate strength and/or endurance are thought to be at increased risk of suffering work related injuries during the first six to twelve months of their employment.

Studies have shown that workers are three times more likely to be injured when performing jobs for which they have not demonstrated strength capabilities equal to or exceeding the job requirements. (Dolney W. P., Pre-Placement Strength and Endurance Testing, Risk Management, May 1993)

Pre-Placement Screening of Functional Abilities Recruitment Evaluation (F.A.R.E.) testing may form an integral part of your organization's injury prevention program and should be part of your pre-placement screening procedures.

The bottom line can mean significant dollar savings for your organization, as average cost estimates for a single lost time injury are from $5000.00 to upwards of $12000.00.